On a typical day at Belmarmi, it is easy to take for granted the ancient craft we practice. We specialize in work few understand, a craft honed over millennium. A craft illustrated and expressed in amazing variety, over centuries, in some of the most breathtaking buildings in the world. Belmarmi specializes in this craft of stone working. For us, the process begins before selection of materials. We begin with knowledge and research of the market and the industry. Spotting trends in texture, color, style, and tone, before they hit mainstream, allows us to define the classic roots in the trends and innovate our own style instead. A classic style that endures mixed influences with fresh interpretations.

Armed with this knowledge, we scour the earth for only the most exquisite materials. This search takes us to quarries around the world, unearthing exotic materials in an ever-expanding palette of color. We then experiment with the stone to coax the loveliest cut and finish to the surface. Often, one material from a single quarry will offer more than one finished product; each unique enough to be designated with its own name as they become slabs, tiles, and blocks. Lapidarists and gem-cutters would surely appreciate our process.

Stone is not the only material we offer. We also comb the earth for the most creative, colorful, durable and sustainable hard finish materials. Most of our collections are naturally inspired, utilizing glass, shells, metal, woods, gemstones, leather, clay, and porcelain. All manifesting in a wide variety of gorgeous tiles, listellos and decorative inserts to suit any design, guaranteed to thrill you. Continuing as the ultimate luxury resource for Kitchen, Bath, Exterior, Pool, Structural Support, stone and tile requires constant work. The craft is demanding and the scope of work broad. We put the same attention into selecting finish materials as we do in selecting Kitchen and Bath products.

Of course, getting the materials back to Belmarmi is often a study in logistics. We partner with organizations familiar with transport of slabs and crates that easily weight more than 2000 pounds each.

As the materials arrive at Belmarmi, they are catalogued much like an artifact in a museum. Each material is unique. Each material represents an epoch of time, before man arrived on earth. Many of the finished products we bring back are works of art, each individual, representing a time and place in history. Materials are warehoused and maintained in pristine conditions. Belmarmi’s collection offers the region’s largest selection of exotic materials in slab, cubic and tile format.

We know we have the most exquisite collection of materials, and we realize it sets us apart. This fact is made more extraordinary considering we also have the most exceptional fabricators in the business with over a century of combined experience – some from a line of stone masons stretching back generations.

Before you walk through the doors of Belmarmi, you have a project to complete or a vision to realize; whatever the scope of your project, be it a single vanity top or an entire residential or commercial new build, we are your direct source for exceptional materials. Initial design consultations help us define finish areas, determine your design sensibilities and identify your needs. Elements are defined as we determine: What is your vision or inspiration? What do you need to create a more functional and more aesthetically pleasing space? What is your dream and how do we achieve it? Our mission here at Belmarmi is to ensure you leave here with a greater understanding of the work we specialize in and how we can help you achieve your dreams.

Material selection begins after we have a firm understanding of your project. Luxurious materials…Breathtaking onyx for the Powder Bath, illuminated to create a stunning aura. Glittering petite glass tiles for the pool, transforming the scene into an Aegean Oasis. A unique, carved fountain for the courtyard, adding the calming refrain of water spilling over stone: a dance of the elements. Long anticipated granite for the new kitchen cabinets, paired with a Farm Sink, handcrafted by artisans in a line from before the turn-of-the century; and faucetry that can trace its design roots back to 18th Century Italian church bell creators. As you work with us you will understand why our designs are Inspired by European Tradition.

Shaw fire clay sinks, Rohl Country Kitchen faucetry, Cotto Nettuno decorative tile all have a long history of offering luxury finish products to generations of European society. Technology has perfected the offerings of these artisans. We offer you these elements of design and help you to make it your own.

The final tools we utilize are more ordinary than the material selection, design and crafting of the materials; however, they are just as vital. Project management, logistics, problem solving abilities, adherence to timelines and supreme organizational skills are required of every Belmarmi employee and sub-contractor. We all work together creating a living synergy, exponentially increasing our collective power.

Your vision inspires us. Your appreciation of the finished product and your recognition of the work involved in creating that product are what keep us going. You help us sustain a craft we all know is our calling. Together we live beautifully.